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DAWE’S WELCOMES VISITORS ON THE FOURTH SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH 10am to 4pm (and frequently at other times by appointment)

Find us at the west end of the village on the A30, next to No94          BA22 9AU

The Heritage Lottery Fund  is funding completion of Dawe’s restoration.  See Press Release HERE  and a NEW page reporting progress with the work HERE

A  Big Day at Dawe’s:
After more than 10 years, the scaffolding supporting the ‘walk’ has finally been removed. Now we can again see it as it should be:

The full length

The full length

Reg Warr, who worked here from 1941-43

Reg Warr, who worked here from 1941-43

A VIP visitor: Reg Warr worked at Dawe’s when he left school aged 14 in 1941. His father was the site engineer.  He had not seen the site since restoration began, so we were delighted to see and talk to him in June –

There are nine other pages describing the Dawe’s twineworks and its restoration. If you hover your mouse over the ‘Twineworks’ tab above, you will find them, or here are some links:

The Shanks engine story – HERE
Progress made in 2013-14 in Grant-Funded Restoration
The ‘History’ page.
Rebuilding of the west end of the Ropewalk HERE
and   Dawes Twine Works (Somerset Routes).
Can you identify any of the people in these old photos. Click HERE?
Some photos of Cider-making HERE

Members of West Coker Camera Club paid us a long visit in late July.  See HERE for the results – photo and video.


Simon Lee Dicker, artist and co-founder of OSR Projects ran three arts projects based on Dawe’s Twineworks. See HERE
‘Jo-the-Flax-Lady’  worked with volunteers to grow flax in the village and surrounding areas. HERE is her project blog and HERE is our page of photos.
Please see HERE for a page of further links and photographs.

This is Simon filming all the rotating shafts and pulleys: –P1050852a



our 'new' Shanks engine running well

our ‘new’ Shanks engine running well


It’s now two years since we succeeded in starting and running the 1927 Shanks oil engine generously loaned to us by Phil Upshall. This was made possible by the Museum of Internal Fire, in Wales, who offered the loan of a compressor to power the air-start system.
Despite not being used for 40 years, it all works perfectly. See our one-minute video HERE, and the story and photos HERE. On August 14th, 2015 we first drove the lineshaft with the long belt. See video HERE


Thanks to the generosity of the local community and the efforts of Jason and Aaron, Dawe’s Twineworks has been transformed. The old rotten posts along the edge were replaced by new oak, and the scaffolding has gone.




23rd August - A Big Thank You

23rd August 2015 – A Big Thank You to local sponsors and friends




We have a cylindrical climbing wall!

We have a cylindrical climbing wall!

Kira McCoy brought dancers to Dawe’s to make a video as part of their campaign to keep Performing Arts courses going at Yeovil College

Is it a bird?

Is it a bird?




The twisting heads spin. Neil oils them

The twisting heads spin. Neil oils them

We are all very saddened that Neil Evans died on New Year’s Day 2015 after a short illness.
Neil brought his long experience of rope and twine-making to the work he did restoring our original machinery.  Trust Chairman Ross says:  “Such a kind man and friend. Without his fantastic help the Dawe’s Twineworks  project would never have happened. We owe him everything.”

"I want two small people replacing ridge tiles, and will the rest of you cut oak posts please"

“I want two small people replacing ridge tiles, and will the rest of you cut oak posts please”
(West Coker Brownies visit June 2013)

Click on any of these for full size view –

(Thanks to Jim Lefeuvre for photos taken during the Brownies visit)

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