Art At Dawe’s

Contemporary Art Exhibitions and Events at Dawe’s Twineworks

Since November 2014 we have been working with Artist and co-founder of OSR Projects Simon Lee Dicker to develop a programme of exhibitions and events inspired by the social, industrial and maritime heritage of the twineworks.

OSR Projects produce artist-led projects that place people at the centre of artistic activity and are based at the OSR Project Space (the Old School Room) on Church Street, West Coker.

To find out more about our past present and future projects please follow the links below

January – October 2016
‘Ropewalkers’ contemporary art at Dawe’s Twineworks 2016  – HERE
4th December 2015
‘Invisible Landscapes Seminar’ –  HERE
April – November 2015
‘Momentum’. Simon Lee Dicker at Dawe’s Twineworks  –  HERE


There are lots of photos elsewhere on these pages showing events and restoration progress.  Here are some of Jim Le Feuvre’s photographs that just record objects at Dawe’s for their own sakes.