Grant-Funded Restoration

HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND We are delighted to announce that the ten documents totalling 375 pages delivered to the HLF South West office in Exeter on May 31st. last year were worth the effort.  Costed plans for all the physical work, and for our future visitor-related activities were included – the HLF had to be convinced that the project is deliverable, is viable in the longer term, and that there will be benefits to the community and visitors.  After all, it’s public money.

HLF people  visited us in early September, and we heard of the positive outcome in late September.  More formalities and paperwork followed but we now have ‘Permission to Start’.

The Coker Rope & Sail Trust is very grateful to the following organisations for their support which has made possible the extensive restoration work already carried out, and which continues:
South Somerset District Council
Somerset County Council
The Carpenters Fellowship
Architectural Heritage Fund
English Heritage
The Headley Trust
Industrial Buildings Preservation Trust
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Association for Industrial Archeology
South West Museum Development Programme
Heritage Lottery Fund

Click HERE for short film made by the Architectural Heritage Fund which features Dawe’s twineworks (3 minutes in) and the straightening of the ropewalk structure

East Elevation of Engine House now

East Elevation Engine Shed before

East Elevation now

East Elevation before

Engine Shed now

Engine Shed before

First Floor now

First Floor before

North Elevation now

North Elevation before

Office now

Office before

Twisting Heads now

Twisting Heads before

South Elevation now

South Elevation before

Shop now

Shop before

Two end bays awaiting rebuilding

Restored west end minus two bays to be rebuilt

Tensioning trolleys in the open