WCCF Organisation & Mangagement

The West Coker Commemoration Fund has a Board of Trustees from whom Officers are elected.
The Trustees meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30pm in the Hall. Sessions commence with an opportunity for members of West Coker Parish to have their say.
The AGM iwill be held on May 15th 2017 at 7:30.
The 2016 Accounts can be found HERE and the 2017 Accounts HERE
The Auditor’s report can be found HERE
The Chairman’s report can be found HERE

The current Officers are:

Chairman           Barbara Blackmore
Vice Chair
Treasurer            Alan Gormer
Vice-Treasurer*  vacancy
Co-secretaries   Barbara Blackmore & Marylin McPhee
Bookings            Barbara Hampshire                   wcvhbookings@gmail.com

*with special responsibility for The Ropewalker

Trustees Nominated by Village Organisations (annually elected)
West Coker Parish Council             David Neal
St Martin’s Church                           Jacky Gormer
WC Youth Club                                Brian Jennings
WC WI                                              Barbara Blackmore
WC Gardening Club                         Clive Horsley**
WC Film Society                               Marilyn McPhee
Coker Rope & Sail Trust                  Ross Aitken
Co-opted independent                      Brian Docking
West Coker School                          vacancy
The Company                                   vacancy
Royal British Legion                         vacancy

**Representative but not a Trustee

Standing Trustees (non-executive)
Allan Boucher
David Windsor