Council Tax Arrears

We have the following email from the Citizens’ Advice Beaureau:

My name is Mandy Eldred-Tyler and I am the Financial Capability officer at  South Somerset CAB, in Yeovil.  We do outreach work at Crewkerne Town hall.    We have recently been informed by SSDC that a large number of Liability orders for unpaid council tax will be going out early next week and some of your constituents may be affected.
Clearly we do not have the resources to see 1300 new clients so have devised a self-help poster and would like to place it in pertinent places around the locality.  I attach a copy of it and would ask that you print it off and display it somewhere prominent where local people who may be affected can see it.
If you have any further questions regarding this matter – please email me.

Please click on this link: