Parish Council

West Coker Parish Council Meeting Dates.

All meetings are held in the Village Hall starting at 7:30pm.
Meetings start with a Public Session.
Anyone can attend and listen to the whole meeting.

The Chairman’s 2017 AGM report can be read HERE
he Accounts for 2016-17 which are accessible for the Exercise of Public Rights may be found HERE

From January 2016, all meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month (except there is no meeting in December)

Your Parish Councillors
(see below for District and County Councillors).
All phone numbers are 01935

Chairman: Mr David Neal        862402
Vice Chair: Ms Anita Perry      862912

Mr Ross Aitken                 862938
Mr Chris Barker                862615
Mrs Anne Blight                863689
Mrs Barbara Blackmore    862013
Mr Aaron Chubb               07748 219302
Mrs Barbara Hampshire (nee Mack)           864574
Mr Angus McPhee            863176
Mrs Gina Seaton               862233

Clerk: Ms Kate Fullerton     07712 398985
25 Helena Road, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2HQ

Tree Wardens: Chris & Anne Blight       863689

Footpath Warden: Mr Aaron Chubb       07748 219302

Recreation Ground Caretaker (Tennis and Pavilion bookings): Joan Sandford 862094

South Somerset District Councillors:

Mrs Gina Seaton      862233

Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville  862751

Somerset County Councillor:

Mr Mark Keating T: 01460 73003 Office Hours Mon-Fri
M: 07767 203968