Dog Faeces Threat

Neospora abortion is now the most commonly diagnosed cause of abortion in cattle and is a serious concern for UK
farmers. It can be caused by cattle ingesting the protozoan parasite Neospora caninum which may be carried by dogs and excreted in their faeces.
With your help the risk of cattle becoming infected can be significantly reduced by ensuring that all your dog’s faeces are picked up when walking in the countryside.  Please remember to carry a litter bag with you and take it to your nearest dog litter bin for disposal.
Please adhere to ‘The Countryside Code’ and help protect the countryside and the animals that live in it.

A new leaflet entitled ‘Enjoy the countryside responsibly with your dog’ is available to view on the NFU website.  To view or download the leaflet visit HERE.

Thank you from the farming community for your help in protecting our beautiful British countryside together with the health and wellbeing of our livestock.